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Speak Fluent English


We have over 10 years of Experience in successfully guiding our candidates choose best career options without facing the heat just because of spoken English.

MLG 1:1 interview transcript reading

We understand it is very important for you to get personal attention, therefore we have a system of a dedicated trainer for you, get the best 1:1 attention from us.

Speed Reading

When you’re pretty good at reading out loud and with speed, you are very close to be a fluent English speaker. We help you improve & maintain your comprehension.

be a good online teacher

At MLG Interviews plays a major role, our ITR (Interview Transcript Reading) method is specifically customized as per your likings, so that you don't get distracted.

Read it out loud

When you’re pretty good at reading out loud in English, half of the battle is won!

"What I love about the MLG is that the career guides are not afraid to get off the beaten track and show us the real path of success"
Digital Marketer
“MLG not only guide you through your career transformation but it also helps you in identifying your true potential "
Web Designer

all methods are used