In this digital age, language learning is no longer limited to textbooks, classrooms, and tutors. Learn English online has become a great way to improve your language skills by taking advantage of the wealth of resources the internet has to offer. Here are the top 5 online resources for learning Spoken English.

You may or may not agree with my findings here, but I have tried my best to give you some online references to benefit you because my ultimate aim is to make you speak in English as early as possible.

Have you struggled or are still trying to find out the perfect FREE online source for your spoken English?

Our study and research team finally came out with the following answers : 

  1. There is a website called perfectly spoken 

( which is perfect for any beginner, there is quality content and a nice and easy presentation of all the lessons with the help of experienced teachers. 

Spoken English is an art and a skill that can be honed to perfection. It is a medium of communication through which people can share their thoughts and exchange information. If you are looking for resources that can help you learn Spoken English in the most effective way, then you must check out the option of one on one online meeting with me.

2. ThoughtCo

Another excellent source of learning online spoken English is thoughtCo (, excellent content, and enough practice material. One can hardly find any flaws regarding quality or content.  This website has so much authority; which means I cannot even think of giving you my option of MLG  

How can I learn spoken English effectively? This is the question that every one of us asks when we decide to learn the language. We all know that in order to master spoken English, we need a lot of practice and some guidance. Why not explore the option of one on one meeting with me.

3. Basic English Speaking

Yet another valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn spoken English.  Nothing wrong with the content or anything on this website.  Excellent representation of different topics with a number of examples.  Highly recommended.  Thumbs up from my side.  In case if you want to talk/practice, MLG offers you this option.  

English is the international language of communication. If you want to communicate with people who are not from your country, then improving your spoken English is the best thing you can do. The only way to improve your spoken English is to practice speaking it. I am giving you the option of one on one meeting with me try it for faster results.

4. Common Apps

When it comes to choosing one of the App among so many available for android, I suggest you pick any from below mentioned apps

  • Duolingo – The best all-rounder
  • Quiz your English – The best for exam prep
  • The British Council – The best for grammar
  • 6,000 Words – The best for vocabulary
  • Beelingu – The best for reading
  • HelloTalk – The best for speaking
  • Grammarly – The best for writing

Honestly speaking among many so-called apps, most of them are usually flooding you with ads and the reminders regarding your inactivity or pending lessons are sometimes a bit irritating. The apps described above are really very handy, just go for them based on what suits you best.  But if you are looking for a human touch, your one-stop destination should be one-to-one with me.

Why learn spoken English online? The internet has opened up a world of spoken English learning opportunities to people around the world. To the benefit of both instructors and students, this has made the learning process more convenient, accessible, and affordable than ever before, therefore grab the opportunity of one on one spoken English practice with me for faster results.

5. Youtube Channels (my pick)

Apart from all the available resources, youtube is a one-place destination for many online spoken English learners, and why not! Youtube has a sea of content for learning anything on the earth. I will pick just two youtube channels (one Indian and one abroad) for the sake of your convenience.  As you know youtube is a place that poses a serious threat to your attention span, I mean you easily get distracted by another suggested video and even sometimes lose track.  Therefore my two pick is as below :

i) The youtube channel: Speak English with Vanessa is my pick of the channel for English learners because it has got quality content as well as clarity of presentation by the presenter. Vanessa has over 2.8 million subscribers.  

ii) Now coming to the Indian part of my pick of the youtube channel, here is the screenshot. The name of this channel is let’s talk 

This channel has a wide variety of contents that you can very well relate to.  The accent is Indian and all the faculties are also Indian.  The videos are unique in the sense there are quite a number of faculties in a single channel, which gives you an option to choose your favorite. 

Spoken English is the most important part of learning the English language. It is very essential for an active learner to learn Spoken English. So here, I am sharing with you the option to book appointment with me.

Last but not the least…

Do let me know your views about my choices or your choices from above,  in the comment section.