top4 reading ideas

English reading can be a hobby provided you develop the same. The top 4 ideas will definitely improve your English reading. Personalized reading does not mean you read what you like. The ability to read in English faster means you are one step ahead in spoken English. People read English to get their fluency faster and it is true. In this short article, we will describe how it can help in gaining upper hand whether you are preparing for your IELTS reading exam or just for the spoken English fluency development.

Those who have just started reading in English, please start with short stories or articles and do not go for big novels etc. This will help you to further open your muscles in your mouth, lips and tongue to get familiar with the new words that you are pronouncing.

Reading Short Stories or article

First, find your favorite article or story in terms of fluency and correct pronunciation, and then keep reading it again and again. This will help your mouth muscle to produce the correct sound with no effort. Another way to know if you are doing ok, just to record those full sentences or lines on your mobile and listen to them.

Sample or free lessons from Coursera

Correct Reading will naturally come from listening to English from a very authentic source. I can give you few perfect examples. Just explore Coursera and try to find any FREE lessons, you will find that those video lessons and descriptions have exact text transcriptions as well. This way you can read and listen simultaneously. Those contents are mostly in US English, but you should not get disappointed for that. Just keep listening to and reading those lines (the cursor automatically highlights the pronounced words). Sooner you will find that your reading ability has improved tremendously.

Exploiting Descript

Another similar example is the app called Descript which is basically a voice cloning software, please note the purpose of this software is not to make you perfect in reading, but it has one feature which reads loudly whatever text you put in, so what you can do is just copy and paste those text and listen to the voice and ultimately imitate it for your reading.

Another thing, I have also mentioned in one of my blog post or lesson on this website is that when you read, of course, you have to read loudly and when you come across any difficult word or words, please do not stop reading, you have to keep reading and later on you can find the meaning or usage of that word or words. This practice is very important for beginner to intermediate level spoken English learners.

Imitating/Reading Interview Transcripts

When you a feeling that your reading speed is getting better, the next step for you is to try imitating the dialogue or text as if you are not just reading but acting. For example, if you are reading a news article, try to imitate the news anchor how they express it. For practicing this kind of reading, I highly recommend interview transcript reading methods, which according to me is highly effective. Just find interview transcripts online of any famous personality or celebrity as per your own liking and find a person who can either be an interviewer or the one who replies to those interview transcript questions. You will certainly enjoy reading it and this could miraculously improve not just your reading skills but your spoken English as well. The point here is, you have to not just read but imitate that character as if you really giving or taking the interview.

If you are not able to find your interview transcript reading partner, you can check it out with me. I will help you find one or even let you know personally how it works.