Ways to increase your online students


When you are teaching online one of the major challenges for a teacher is to keep your students engaged or hooked. Because in the absence of face-to-face accountability, it is much easier for an online student to give-up without anyone noticing.  Following are the ways you can keep your students engaged :

  • As you know the attention span of students is increasingly going down, so you have to keep your content easy to understand smaller in size.
  • Try delivering content in different formats like slides, voice, video, pictures, or graphics so that they are continuously engaged.
  • Ask questions for example open-ended questions that require a higher level of thinking.
  • Provide students feedbacks, so that they have a sense of progress.
  •  Provide students an enjoyable experience so that they can discuss the same with others.
  • It is important that you present clear and organized learning materials.
  • Students are looking for impact and not for information, so tell them how the offered course will strengthen and enhance their future career.