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We at mylocalgenie (MLG) believe that many of our educated unemployed youths are more dependent upon educational loans to further their education.  But this option can be avoided by creative ways, just teach online what you already know.  This way you will not only be able to make a bigger impact on any competitive examination (since teaching online will keep you always updated) but you will be making some decent money as well   This is possibly the best option to test your academics as well as to enhance your knowledge and skill. 

We will upload the course material or the course content provided by you.  There cannot be entire course material but only the summary or introductory part of it and you will further take the same to your channel, which can also be created and maintained by us.  On your website, you will receive your student’s enrolment and requisite fee, etc.  This highly professional-looking website will be the immediate source of your earnings online. The most amazing part of our service is, you get your complete website for just Rs.1000/- (this only covers the website hosting, email, payment gateway registration charges only), the designing part is absolutely FREE.