Provide us with the following information

First thing first, decide about the subject you want to teach online.  It is very important to decide the subject in which you have authority and command.  Since your course will be either in text or video format.  You decide the best option.

You have to make a template or outline of your course that you are going to teach online. We will provide you some demo outlines to help you make your own.  The outline may include your short introduction video and lessons plans.

When you are done with the outline of your offered online course,  next you need to ensure the clarity as well as quality that will keep your online students hooked towards your course and that will ensure student’s enrollment increase day by day.

The answer is no.  Apart from the academic subjects that you can offer online, anyone who possesses  specific skill-sets like art/music/language  etc. also can offer online courses by selecting any of our plan.  

Last but not the least, you need to submit the final draft of your online course in order to enable us to produce it on your exclusive website in a most attractive and professional way.