Reading Interview Transcripts

We all know spoken English is much easier to understand than written English. In order to make things much more easier for all the spoken English learners, MLG has come up with a unique idea of Interview Transcript reading method.

It is easy to get started with this technique even without a plan and that is why this makes it very easy to start and easy to learn. Here I am talking about building conversation skills with spoken English practice through reading interviews of popular personalities.

While reading the transcript all you have to do is walk through a transcript, highlight new words or expressions and memorize it later for usage and application.

You can read any interview in English and without knowing grammar fundamentals to learn English. Just be curious and first of all enjoy reading for which you have to take a role of either an interviewer or that famous personality. You can switch roles while practicing.

Our unique method involves two people who are reading the interview transcripts and one instructor who is monitoring the whole interview. After the reading session, a short discussion is carried out on the subject matter.

The instructor plays the role of correcting the pronunciations and also the tone of the reader. The instructor also interrupts in between when it becomes essential to explain a certain phrase or word.

This method is thoroughly enjoyed by our students and learners since you are not facing anyone (the Google Meet is done on voice only) and therefore there is no pressure of being correct all the time.

We pair the students and learners in such a way that, they don’t have to catch up or compete with each other. We assess and decide the level of students while pairing, with similar abilities or level, so that there is not any kind of fluctuations during learning or reading.

The interview transcript reading method is not the end, when we realize that the level of comprehension as well as pronunciation of a particular student has improved, we engage them to debates by giving a current topic each day. This is also monitored by our instructors or faculty and immediate feedback is provided for corrective actions, if any.

Everyday we are witnessing good number of students and learners enrolling for the 1 on 1 interview transcript reading method, simply because it has never been so easy and fun.