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Free Career Guide 1:1

You have this amazing opportunity to make the most from MLG. Our 1:1 free career guide is offering solutions to a huge number of unemployed or IT career-seeking people who are desperately looking for careers related to their qualifications. Due to a lack of enough opportunities, they are facing situations like unemployment or underemployment. If they do not get the jobs as per their choices or field, they are forced to take jobs beyond their profiles or qualification, under compulsion.

In order to help those and also freshers, we have collaborated with some leading career development and transformation institutes and providing FREE 1:1 career guide. Educated unemployment and under-employment needs to be urgently addressed not only in our country but world over. It is very easy to blame the education system for such situations, saying it is not tailored as per the job market or the as per the need of the industry.

Our one-on-one career guidance is basically the transfer of quality information related to career goals and education. One of the reasons for under-employment or unemployment is lower exposure to work or labor marketing during school education. The transition from learning to work needs to be properly addressed under the education system itself.

Our approach is simple, we first discuss career plans with you and then compare different options available through in-depth learning of your career possibilities. We believe a lack of quality information is mostly responsible for unemployment or career development. Our job is to make you believe in your strength after identifying the same and then build on them for visible growth.

All the online platforms like, Skype, Zoom, Messengers, Whats app and telephone are utilized as per the convenience of career counselling seekers. One has to simply register and write to us mentioning the current career status and share about his or her short and longer term career options as well as strategies. In this age of technology and communication, we try to harness this huge potential for the benefits of our students for their career plan.

We are offering our services for career guidance both for the private and government jobs. It is always the choice and mindset of career seekers which field they are more inclined to. As both the sectors are lucrative and have certain appeal, it is necessary to prepare accordingly. Now a days many of the young talented people often resort to private sector jobs due to the extra money and freedom they enjoy. We also include entrepreneurship option as a career goal in our career counselling syllabus.

This online method of career counselling is very beneficial in today’s time. The number of career choices and ever changing landscape of job market has made it very difficult for the young minds to carefully assess their career options. With our vast experience and effective collaboration in the field of career counselling we are providing this unique one to one services for free.

There are a number of free online career aptitude tests available, you can find exploring the internet, those templates are mostly made by human resources experts along with psychologists. They can provide unique insights to your career development but hardly one on one services like MLG.

Career guidance after class 10th & 12th is an essential process to ensure you decide the correct and well-planned career path. It is highly recommended to those students to follow this step before they take a major decision regarding choosing your subjects for further studies. The proper career guidance ensures that the career chosen is the right one.

Through our career counseling process, we also explore the possibility of a career change if required, as a last resort, for your growth and success.

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