Social Networking

Knowing different kinds of people without actually having to travel is amazing because let’s face it, not everyone has the time/money/inclination to move out of their comfort zone to get to know what’s going on around in different parts of the world in terms of the social environment. Also, getting to know someone out of your immediate circle is refreshing at times.


The internet is full of free information which is easily accessible too. So, I say read! Read all you can about everything you can. Once you get into the habit of reading these easily available snippets of information, you will get to know things like who was Tupac, why is Google successful the way it is, why is a government struggling to keep its relations afloat with another government and so on. Knowing more has never hurt anyone, less definitely has.


Once you read, you can share that knowledge with everyone in the world, who’s on worldwide Web and cares to listen. Take Quora, for example, millions of people are logged in on Quora, and all they want to do is help others and ask for help in terms of answers to difficult questions. People here answer every question based on what they know about life and/or what they learned from their personal experiences. You get answers on love, jobs, philosophy, food, entertainment, ideology, idiosyncrasies, lifestyle choices, you name it and we have it. So why shall you not share the amazing thoughts and ideas you have built in your lifetime. And damn! It’s free and being asked for. You can blog, answer on forums, interact with the high minds of society in chatrooms. It’s all free and awesome.

Get paid for doing something

You have a service or a product which according to you is going to help the masses, then place on a website and earn for providing it. It can be advice, selling homemade clothes, providing grammar lessons, anything. Everyone is online and they would love to pay you for helping better their lives. You get paid even selling your old phone and many YouTube vloggers get paid just to entertain people.

Pursue a hobby

The internet is full of so many do-it-yourself tutorials that you can learn almost anything these days. You can start with cooking, learning a different language, knowing the best gardening methods, etc. The more skills you have the more productive you are with your free time and you save money on certain services you can manage yourself now.

Great way to unwind

Get out of the stinky mood: Personally I have found watching the re-runs of the Friends series very calming on days when I feel in dumps. All the series and movies are there for you to watch and re-watch and may you feel better whenever you are feeling down and disconnected.


Retail therapy is awesome when you have extra money to splurge. Enough said.

Sharing and caring

It happened to someone else too: With everyone sharing their lives online now, you always can find someone going through the same problem as you or doing better than you in their lives. Know about it and change your life for the better.


Biographies: Read about successful people to stay inspired about your life.

Ocean of information

And lastly, I will say, if you are in the ocean of information and do not know how to fathom all of it, just click on ‘I am feeling lucky!’ in Google Chrome, that should lead you to pretty interesting varied topics to look at.

One such book, I am mentioning below about how internet is changing our thinking and perspective. Give it a try!