You simply have to sign-up using our contact form or you can enroll for free on our Course catalogue page.

You may see the pricing, there is monthly fee of Rs.999/- for all the one on one  Course,  however you can access FREE courses only after the completion of free career counselling session with us, as the case may be/case to case basis.

Yes, we will refund 100% if any of our students are not satisfied. This process takes about a month.

We have certain parameters and predefined assessment stages in the form of online tests.

Learners are required to read interview transcripts provided by the 1 on 1 meeting organizer. In this method, you try to imitate the characters while reading. Max two learners are allowed per batch. This method has yielded great results and has also increased the reading speed of the learners enormously.

Yes, it is do-able. The courses are designed to be an immersive courses where you dedicate a minimum of 10 hours a week to lectures, self-learning, and building. We highly recommend dedicating as much time as possible immersing yourself in the courses to get the most out of it.

The best answer lies with you. You have to fix the schedule of your sessions from the given link /appointment calendar with a particular faculty at a given time, for which you will also get a confirmation from the said faculty.