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Interview transcript reading method for spoken English

Tailored lessons that will help gain your fluency (Spoken English) much faster. This course is very helpful for those who want to fast track their spoken English.  We read various interview transcripts along the way to  our 1:1 sessions.  You will enjoy this method very much because you will feel like you are already speaking fluently, and this particular feeling would benefit you  immensely to attain a strong vocab, pronunciation and fluency at the same time.

MLG 1:1 interview transcript reading

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Learn from previous students & hear what they say about 1:1 lessons

“Mike came at the right time. I wanted to improve my spoken English, and he led me directly to success.”
Venkat R.
“I learned so much in this course and can now speak English fluently.”
Jitendra Sahu
“Stop looking for another course. Mike's one-on-one course is the best on the market.”
Himani Mishra
“Very innovative course! And the best thing was that I learned it online from the comfort of my home.”
Naresh Kumar
“I have a small business, and I want new clients from English speaking countries. This course taught me how to effectively communicate with them.”
Dinesh Patel
“The course was tailored just for me. Mike scheduled a perfect plan and I learned spoken English in no time.”
Deepika Pathak

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