take control of your life

Now a days most of us struggle to find peace with ourselves, because most of the time we are overwhelmed with work or things that surround us. It is most important than ever before to take control of your life. Here are the few steps that can really help you to gain control of your life :

Become A Decision Maker

If you do not make decisions or fear to make decisions doesn’t mean that you are lacking courage or conviction. We need to take decisions in our lives on a daily basis be it a trivial or significant. So don’t hesitate to make decisions, and try believe in your convictions and gut feelings. Once it becomes a habit, you feel really empowered and fulfilled.

Don’t Overdo It

Many of us don’t really have a realistic idea of how to set goals in life. As a result, we overburden ourselves with tasks and objectives, believing that achieving them all will put us in total control. Unfortunately the opposite can happen. When we rush round trying to do a lot we can end up actually achieving very little. This then sets up a situation where we feel super stressed.

Plan Meals Ahead

For many people, eating is a real pleasure, but sometimes preparing food can be a chore that takes up a considerable amount of time. The alternative is to rely on ready meals and takeaways that, while convenient, would never be included in anyone’s tips to be healthy.

By planning ahead you can have a good diet and save time too. A great way of doing this is to make more than you need each meal, and either freeze the rest or take it in to work for lunch the next day. After just a couple of weeks of doing this, you’ll have built up quite a store of meals that are ready to eat whenever you need them to be.

Re-Think Your Working Arrangements

Working from home could be a good way to really get a handle on your work. It may be that you already take quite a lot of work home with you anyway, especially in this age of email and mobile phones which put many of us on call 24/7. This could be a good argument to put to your boss that your time could be spent more productively by home working.

Share The Responsibility

Setting goals for life can be tricky. But one of the easiest and quickest wins you could work towards is sharing out the duties you have at home, with a partner or other members of the family. If it’s you who always has to do the cooking or the washing up, then maybe set up a rota so the tasks are more evenly allotted. You may have to agree to take on some jobs that you don’t normally do yourself, but at least you’ll be able to break out of a rut and feel more supported at home.

Make Your Commute More Productive

If you’re travelling by public transport, could you spend your travelling more productively? For example you could be keeping a journal or writing up a list of the day’s priorities. Even if you’re driving you could be listening to an audiobook or even learning a language with an audio course.

Declutter Your Home

Decluttering your home while you’re in the process of working towards long term personal goals can help clear your mind. By removing the extraneous belongings and focusing on what you really do need to live, you’ll be able to see your other priorities. Then, once you’ve dumped the unwanted items or sent them to the charity shop, it’s time to organize the things you do have so you’ll always know where to find them.

Declutter Your Life

It’s not just belongings and home organization that we need to attend to if we want to grab back some control. We also need to take a long hard look at the things we spend time on each day without really thinking about how necessary they are. For example, do we really need to spend that hour doing the housework or can it wait till the weekend? Or does that extra time you spend at work after 5.30 really achieve anything? If it can be cut out from your routine, just do it!

Get Your Priorities Right

Do you spend days doing non-essential things that could be left until tomorrow? Maybe you focus on the activities you actually enjoy instead of ones that need urgent attention. However you approach your day, it’s time to start making a list of what you need to achieve in the order it needs to be done. That way you’ll be able to prioritize properly and dedicate the right amount of time to each one – and it will also make your days far more productive and satisfying.

The High 5 Habit: Take Control of Your Life with One Simple Habit

The High 5 Habit is a simple yet profound tool that changes your attitude, your mindset, and your behavior. So be prepared to laugh and learn as you take steps to immediately boost your confidence, happiness, and results.

you are so stronger than you think

Mel Robbins